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Marisa Design

Marisa Design provides programming and maintenance services for databases on and off the Web. See our database portfolio for information on some specific projects we have done.

"Margie is a true gem. I've had the joy of collaborating with Margie on several website projects, and I'm continually impressed with her work. As a designer, I rely on Margie's programming expertise to provide me with much more creative freedom, because I know she can help bring each design detail and dynamic feature into reality, no matter how subtle or complex. The code she creates is well-written and organized, making updates very easy. Smart, budget-conscious and quality-focused, Margie is a great ally for any designer or creative team."
- Kristen Yngve, Principal / Branding Design Strategist - Vaxa Creative

:  Database Design and Maintenance

Marisa Design can help you design, build, and maintain your database on and off the Web. Here are some examples of the projects we've completed using well-known industry tools.

  • PHP/mySQL. PHP is a powerful scripting language that works particularly well with mySQL databases to produce robust, dynamic web pages. Many web hosting packages include support for PHP and mySQL, making this combination a cost-effective solution as well.
  • FileMaker Pro. We built a new set of databases to help a small publishing business run more efficiently. FileMaker Pro was the tool of choice for this business, which uses both Macintosh and IBM-compatible personal computers.
  • Microsoft Access. We have designed and developed many Microsoft Access databases both for corporate use and to be integrated with web authoring tools such as ColdFusion and NetObjects Fusion.
  • ColdFusion. We have used ColdFusion to maintain and to develop database-driven sites for e-commerce and where the added structure of a database is necessary for efficient content management.

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