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"I have always been impressed with Margie's knowledge of her subject and her ability to convey technical concepts to lay folks. Margie also has the ability to stay focused to keep the job on pace. I'm proud to show people the website Margie developed for me!"
- Victoria Griffin, Confetti Gifts & Chocolates

:  WordPress Backups, Software Updates, and Virus and Malware Scans

If your site uses a content management system such as WordPress, you probably already know that WordPress can make it easier to add or edit content and to add features that just weren't possible with conventional static websites.

But what about the upkeep? How do you keep your WordPress site as secure as possible? No one can guarantee site security or prevent all problems with a website, but there's a lot we can do to help keep your site safe. You know it's important to keep WordPress and any plugins or scripts current and to install updates for the latest versions. But it's so easy to forget, or to worry that you might run into a problem during the update that you don't know how to fix.

As website technology gets more complex, keeping up with software security gets more and more challenging. To help my WordPress clients with this part of their website upkeep, Marisa Design now performs the following site scanning and software maintenance services on a subscription basis.

Site Scanning and Software Maintenance Subscription Service includes:

  • Weekly or monthly complete site backup
  • Weekly or monthly scanning of site for malware
  • Weekly or monthly scanning site status to be sure it is not blacklisted
  • Updating content management systems and other scripts to current version as needed
  • Updating any plugins as needed

Pricing and payment:

  • Weekly scanning: $50/month
  • Monthly scanning: $30/month

Payment is by automatic PayPal subscription and can be canceled by you at any time through your PayPal account.

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  • Weekly WordPress site scanning ($50/month)
  • Monthly WordPress site scanning ($30/month)

Note: This subscription is currently available for WordPress site owners only. If your site uses a different content management system, contact Marisa Design today for a custom update plan to help you keep your website software up to date!

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